winter holidays


Make your next holiday gathering a memorable, wholesome feast with our traditional, delicious foods. Save time this year by pre-ordering the holiday essentials from Atwater’s. For your convenience, all orders must be fully paid at the time of order.


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Ploughboy Soup

Greet your guests with a warm welcome. A delicious, light start to your meal. A quart of soup serves 4-6 people. Sold in 32 oz jars


rolls and crackers

Fresh rolls and crackers to finish your table



Your favorite relishes for a traditional holiday meal. Sold in 16 oz jars


stollen and fruitcake

Add a timeless holiday tradition to your table



Our desserts are made from scratch, using the finest local ingredients. Each dessert serves 8-10 people


Hello, World!


Hello, World!


cookies and treats

Choose from our selection of handmade cookies and treats


Holiday brittle

Our delicious handmade dark chocolate brittle



A tasty and thoughtful gift to thank your host or welcome your guests. Our holiday gifts are packaged in decorative tins with festive ribbons