We strive to support local farmers and craftsmen. While seasonal and economic limitations exist when sourcing locally, we are proud

to feature these foods and products from our community and beyond.




We make our bread at our Big Kitchen location from scratch, every day. We start with certified organic flour from family farms, stone-ground in small batches.

Many of our breads are leavened naturally, using traditional starters and a slow fermentation. Starters are living organisms that are refreshed each day with flour and water to provide an environment where wild yeasts can flourish before being incorporated into the bread dough. This type of bread is often referred to as sourdough, but you'll find that not all are particularly sour due to the amount and type of starter used.

Starting with the combination of flour, salt and water, some of our breads are simple and pure; others incorporate different ingredients to tailor flavor and texture to a variety of uses. There is certainly an Atwater's bread for every occasion.




Made every day in our Big Kitchen, by hand, using fresh ingredients.

We build our soups on a strong foundation: freshly made stock. Extracting rich, complex flavors from meats and vegetables takes time, but it pays off when you take that first spoonful and can tell this took hours of cooking, craftsmanship and careful attention to detail.

Vegetables are cut by hand and the soup gently ladled out of the kettle in order to preserve the integrity of the ingredients. This means a variety of textures and subtle flavor differences in every bite.

Some of our soups are classics, others fusion and some are completely original creations based on whatever fresh produce comes to the kitchen that day. And with a hunk of our amazing bread, it’s a meal that’s sure to nourish and please.




Measured, mixed, blended, rolled, cut, baked, dipped, decorated, glazed, frosted…all by hand.

Starting with pure ingredients like eggs and milk from local farms, fine chocolate, small-batch milled organic flour, unbleached cane sugar and natural flavorings, our pastries taste as good as the quality foods from which they’re made.

Daily, the bakery prepares traditional cakes, such as the classic Pimlico, decadent cupcakes and the intense, flourless Chocolate Banana “Zinger”. Cookies like the crispy cinnamon Snickerdoodle, chewy Molasses, and the over-the-top Walnut Chocolate Chip are baked. Pies with all-butter crust are filled with local, seasonal fruits. Brownies are cut into perfect squares and everybody wants to get a piece of the imperfectly shaped, but perfectly delicious “Edgies”.

When your sweet tooth kicks in, Atwater’s pastries are the natural choice.





 Here at Atwater’s we offer a unique selection of homemade jams with an ever growing list of seasonal fruits. Each of our jams is made in the French preserve style at our Big Kitchen location.

We start with fresh fruit provided by our farmers’ market friends. Then, using a traditional copper jam pot, we macerate the fruit with sugar overnight with spices or slices of citrus peel. The next day we simmer the fruit in its juice until it’s Jam. The jars are then carefully filled and canned before making it onto our shelves.

Each batch is different, a result of the handmade charm characteristic of all our products. Be it Pear & Star Anise or Italian Plum & Vanilla, both winners of the 2013 Good Food Awards, or Orange Marmalade & Mountain Honey, each jam will be an incredible addition to any breakfast, lunch, or afternoon snack.

The jams are stored in a reusable Weck jar so please bring back the empty container to get back your deposit!