Jam Feature: Winter Reserve

As we move ahead toward winter, despite the weather remaining alarmingly mild, we at Atwater's begin preparing new seasonal flavors. For Jenny and our jam department that means our classic Winter Reserve Jam. Our Winter Reserve Jam uses the spices of the season such as cinnamon and cardamom along with walnuts, almonds, and citrus to compliment fruits like figs, pears, quinces, prunes, and apricots.

Jenny boxing our Winter Reserve Jam.

Jenny boxing our Winter Reserve Jam.

Tis the season for cheese plates! If you're hosting a holiday gathering or perhaps you just like to get a little fancy every once in a while, we recommend adding our Winter Reserve Jam to your cheese plate routine. Start with freshly sliced baguette or your cracker of choice and add a soft cheese such as a goat cheese or a ricotta. Finish the plate with a good helping of Winter Reserve Jam. The texture of the nuts and the candied sweetness of the jam perfectly compliments a soft cheese. A simple starter to any warm gathering of friends or family.

Our jam also makes for a great gift for the good food lover on your list. With its stylish and sturdy Weck jar it's the gift that keeps giving even after the jam is gone!

Come experience a jar today.

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