Meet The Crew

We'd like to introduce you to two of the people responsible for our delicious, addicting, melt-in-your-mouth brittle that we serve during the holiday season.  Jenny and Amala work at our Big Kitchen location which is responsible for the production of all of our pastry, bread, soup, jam, ice cream, Scottish pies, etc. When they're not busy making brittle or fruitcake, they are busy running their own departments. Jenny is the head of our jam production and Amala heads up ice cream and coffee syrups production.

The brittle process begins with layers of matzo. Following the matzo is delicious caramel made from organic sugar and butter. It is spread out evenly on the matzo to create a deliciously sweet layer. After letting the matzo and caramel sit for a moment, the tray is put into the oven. Once the caramel is bubbling hot the team takes it out and immediately adds chocolate on top. The chocolate is spread to form another even layer. This creates the base of our brittle. The team then decorates and adds toppings including white chocolate, peppermint, sprinkles, candied ginger, and sea salt. The brittle is then packaged and sent to the locations for sale to you, our customer! 

Come on in to any Atwater's location to try some!

Casey AtwaterComment