Chili Week

            The weather has gotten cold, football playoffs are under way, and New Year’s diet resolutions are beginning to falter. That can only mean one thing; it’s time for chili.

            Yes as part of soup month Atwater’s is having a week of chili. All chili, all the time. Vegan chili, beef chili, bean chili, potato chili, spicy chili, mild chili, BBQ chili, spaghetti chili, and much more! We’ve got chili with mac & cheese on top, chili with shrimp, chili with chocolate, chili with peanuts. There is a chili for everyone’s taste. Read on to learn about some of the exciting varieties we will be featuring!           

            Cincinnati Four Way Chili: This is an interesting chili that features spaghetti. The “ways” refer to the different methods of layering. For example our Four Way Chili has spaghetti, red beans, onions, and cheese. Two Way Chili is simply the spaghetti topped with chili. Cincinnati Chili also has a unique spice flavor profile. The spices include cinnamon and chocolate which gives it a slightly sweeter flavor than traditional chilis. While this chili may seem like a crazy distant cousin to your classic chili, it is a truly delicious experience that all chili enthusiasts should try at least once.

            Chimayo Chili: Its name comes from the a town in New Mexico that grows incredible peppers that in turn make incredibile chili powder. One of our chefs at the Big Kitchen, Nona, has been to Chimayo and sourced the chili powder to use in this chili. Chimayo chiles are a native seed that have been around for hundreds of years. These chiles are not overwhelmingly hot and have a good balance of spice and smoke.

            Chili Mac: This combines two all-time favorites; chili and mac & cheese. Our traditional chili but with creamy and rich mac and cheese on top. As the cheese melts into the soup this delectable bowl gets even richer. This is the perfect chili for a brisk day when all you really want is a nice hot bowl of comfort food.

            Mardi Gras Chili: Mardi Gras chili gets its name from, you guessed it, the traditional colors and spirit of Mardi Gras. Purple, green, and yellow colors are featured prominently in this chili. These vibrant colors come from yellow beets, scarlet runner beans, eggplant, hominy, and more! And for all those dairy and meat conscious soup lovers out there, this chili is vegan.

            Honky Tonk Chili: This chili gets a little funky but is totally delicious. With sausage, beef, and turkey this is a meat lovers’ chili. This is the kind of chili that you feast upon at the end of a long day to fuel up, kick back, and relax. If you really want to get in the mood turn your radio dial to an old country station and enjoy.

            Don’t miss out! Chili Week ends on January 17th.

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