Forage for Soup Ingredients

Have you started playing our Soup Foraging Game yet? Similar to the Powerball, this game is exciting but with better odds to win! And who doesn’t like to win.

Here’s how you play:

1.      Go to any Atwater’s location

2.      Pick up your very own Soup Foraging scorecard

3.      Have some soup while dining in

4.      If you find any of the 16 special ingredients on the Foraging card in your soup have your server punch the corresponding ingredient

5.      Unsure if you’ve found an ingredient? Feel free to ask your server to confirm. We love talking to our customers about our soup!

6.      Then repeat!

Once you have all 16 ingredients punched turn your card into your server for your prize! The prize this year is a one-of-a-kind Atwater’s t-shirt. With only about 75 in existence, these shirts are a rare gem. Show off your love for good food as you walk around Baltimore in this unique piece of apparel. We promise you’ll feel like $1.5 billion bucks!

Casey AtwaterComment