New Sandwiches

The Atwater’s Turkey Dill Havarti Sandwich is back! Dill Havarti might not sound familiar and that’s because it hasn’t seen an Atwater’s menu in almost three years! Every once and awhile we like to go back in our archives and resurrect an “oldie but goodie”. And the Turkey Dill Havarti sure is a goodie. This turkey sandwich combines oven-roasted turkey, crisp apples, horseradish coleslaw, dill havarti cheese, lettuce, and basil mayonnaise on our Irish Brown bread. Our turkey comes from Plainville turkey which specializes in turkey that is all natural. You won’t find any MSG, nitrates, gluten, growth hormones, or any other unnatural substance in this turkey. The only ingredients are water, salt, and turkey. We are proud to serve only the best deli meats and cheeses. This sandwich also features local apples to support our community of producers. From one side of bread to the other, this sandwich is a homemade farm-to-table masterpiece.

            The other sandwich joining our menus is the Banh Mi. Unlike the Turkey Dill Havarti this is an Atwater’s classic. Staff and customers alike count down the days for the return of this delicious vegetarian gem. Served on our Ciabatta, our Banh Mi starts with lemongrass tofu that we marinate and roast ourselves at the Big Kitchen. We then add carrot and daikon salad and crunchy cucumbers. For a final kick of flavor we finish the Banh Mi with our own sriracha mayonnaise. This gives the sandwich that spice but it does not overpower the natural flavors from the other ingredients. A vegetarian dream that suits all taste buds.

            Stop in and enjoy or grab either of these new additions to go! 

Casey AtwaterComment