New Ice Cream Flavors

            Even though the weather seems to have some other ideas about getting ready for ice cream season we do not! We are excited to unveil our two new summer flavors, Fresh Mint Chocolate Chip and Strawberry Rhubarb.

            Atwater’s is one of the few places in Baltimore that makes ice cream the old fashioned way. Our eggs, milk, and cream come from local farms. We use these fresh and local ingredients to start each batch from scratch. You won’t find any mixes or pre-separated eggs in our kitchen. Ian, our head ice cream maker, cracks and separates each egg yolk by hand. He then cooks each batch of custard before churning and packing the containers.

           Our Fresh Mint Chocolate Chip is the finest mint ice cream you’ll have this summer. The mint used to give this ice cream its fresh flavor comes from Tuiy’s garden at the Big Kitchen. Tuiy works in our savory department here at the Big Kitchen, but also tends to a small garden plot that he uses to grow peppers, mint, and other herbs.

            Our Strawberry Rhubarb ice cream is made with fresh Maryland Eastern Shore strawberries and local rhubarb. Partnering with farmers, whether as far as the shore or right here in our own backyard, is what gives our food its incredible quality. There is no substitute for fresh, local fruit! The strawberries and rhubarb are cooked before being mixed with our Sweet Cream ice cream for a sweet burst of flavor.

            Stop in for a scoop at our Belvedere, Canton, or Falls Road locations today!

Casey Atwater