Summer Jams

            Strawberry season is underway! That means you’ll be seeing these delicious berries appearing all over our menu. One area in particular is our jam department. Jenny has been hard at work cleaning, cutting, and cooking pounds of strawberries and rhubarb. Fresh Maryland Eastern Shore strawberries and local rhubarb make this jam as delicious as it can possibly be.

            Looking for more ways to utilize our delicious homemade jam? Here are a few of my favorite ways to eat this delectable summertime treat:

1.      Indulge in a childhood classic PB+J with creamy peanut butter and fresh Atwater’s jam

2.      Use on wheat toast (perhaps our Sunflower Flax) for a healthy and delicious breakfast

3.      Make your favorite pancake batter and mix in semi-sweet chocolate chips and our Strawberry Jam for a combination so incredible you’ll want to make these every morning

4.      Entertain guests with a simple cheese plate pairing our jams with cheeses of your choice

5.      Heat up over the stove for a delicious ice cream topping

Nothing goes better with summer sun and good company than delicious food to share.

Casey Atwater