The Legendary Turkey Jack

         One of the most iconic sandwiches on any Atwater's menu is the Turkey Jack. The Turkey Jack seems like an unlikely fan favorite. Served on Raisin Pumpernickel bread it is often met with a bit of trepidation from the customer. The idea of slightly spicy pepper jack cheese with roasted turkey on a bread that has hints of sweetness and golden raisins can be intimidating. We understand, sometimes we can be intimidated as well. I myself must confess that it took years before I stopped substituting white bread for the classic Raisin Pumpernickel. 

          But then a change happened. I ordered the Turkey Jack without alteration and was simply transported. Transported to a place of deliciousness and heavenly delight. The smooth avocado was punctuated by the kick of the pepper jack cheese. The coleslaw combined with the roasted turkey and crisp lettuce for a texture profile so perfect I didn't even need my customary side of potato chips. And the bread. The Raisin Pumpernickel bread that for years made me a skeptic has now made me a believer. A believer that a bread with subtle notes of coffee and raisins can be the perfect vessel for a turkey sandwich.

            Don't just take my word for it, visit any Atwater’s location to try one today.


Casey Atwater