It’s that time of the summer; the time when the ground grows those delicious red gems known as farm fresh tomatoes. At Atwater’s our menus strive to feature the best in local food which means tomatoes only appear on our menus when the farmers have them. We’re excited to partner with farmers to source the very best tomatoes Maryland can offer. Combine those local tomatoes with our bread and other fine ingredients and you have sandwich heaven

            The first sandwich added to our summer lineup is the Tomato Mozzarella. This vegetarian delight is made with local DiPasquale’s mozzarella, local tomatoes, Atwater’s Farm basil, gardinaire, garlic mayonnaise, and black pepper on our Ciabatta. The second sandwich is the Vegetarian Greek made with zucchini, local tomatoes, marinated cucumbers, red onion, feta olive spread, and lettuce on our Ciabatta. And last but certainly not least, the crown jewel of the summer lineup, the B.A.L.T. This sandwich features North Country bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato, and garlic mayonnaise on toasted Country White bread.


Pull up a patio chair and enjoy one of these great summer sandwiches before they’re gone! 

Casey Atwater