Halloween Treats!

We simply couldn’t decide between trick or treat, so we went with both. Plenty of tricks and treats for all! Get in the Halloween spirit with our homemade spooky treats. They are delicious and simply boo-tiful!

This year, we are featuring five Halloween treats: Witches Fingers, Halloween cheesecake, Frankenstein cakes, sugar cookies and brain cupcakes. Each has its own unique design, perfect to put us all in the Halloween spirit! Each treat is better than the next- perfect for parties, school events, the office, or just snacking at home!

Our terror-ific Witches Fingers are a traditional shortbread cookie with almonds and raspberry jam. They are delicious and definitely terrifying. Sure to spook any party guest, our brain cupcakes are essential for a Halloween gathering- a moist chocolate cupcake topped with a creamy icing and dipped in raspberry jam. Enjoy our  homemade brain cupcakes with friends and family. It’s a no brainer!

For a less frightful dessert, we are offering homemade pumpkin cheesecake with chocolate icing and decadent sugar cookies. Our last treat features a monster we all know so well- Frankenstein. Under the icing lies a delicious chocolate cake with raspberry jam filling and topped with a chocolate ganache.

Stop by Atwater’s for your Halloween treats! Eat, drink and be scary. Happy haunting!


Jake Millhausen