Atwater’s jam was named Best in Baltimore!

We’re so proud to be taking home the gold for “Best Jam” in this year’s Baltimore Magazine Best of Baltimore! Endless hard work and dedication at the Big Kitchen made it all possible. We couldn’t be happier!

Our jams are an incredible addition to any breakfast, lunch, or afternoon snack. Each of our jams is handmade at our Big Kitchen. Each batch of our homemade jam is unique in its own way.

Jenny is head of our jam department, she works hard to ensure each batch is made traditionally and with the freshest ingredients possible. Using a traditional French preserve copper jam pot, Jenny prepares the fruit through maceration. On the second day, the liquid is strained and cooked down. Pectin, the jams firming agent is homemade at The Big Kitchen and added to the jam mixture. The jam is then cooked to set. Once the jam is perfectly sweet, Jenny carefully hand fills each and every jar! Our homemade jam is shelf stable for at least a year! Once opened, it's recommended to be kept refrigerated for up to a month.


Best of Baltimore Jam.jpg

To ensure freshness, we use local fruit and organic when it’s available to us! With the combination of fresh ingredients, a traditional process, hard work and all of Baltimore we were able to be the recipients of this great award! Thank you to Charm City, Baltimore Magazine and all of the helping hands who made this possible!

Jake Millhausen