Halloween Treats

Enter your nearest Atwater's if you dare!

We have five haunting treats that will give you a scare: our Witches' Fingers, Brain Cupcakes, Frankenstein Cakes, Spiderweb Chiffon Cake, and our Sprinkle-doodle cookies. 

Bring these deliciously frightening desserts to your next Halloween gathering! You'll be sure to spook your guests with our Witches' Fingers - a traditional shortbread cookie with almonds and raspberry jam. Our Brain Cupcakes - moist chocolate cake with buttercream frosting and raspberry jam glaze are positively terror-ific.

Wow your friends and family with our Frankenstein Cakes.  Under the delicious buttercream icing lies a chocolate cake with raspberry jam filling. Our boo-tiful, chocolatey Spiderweb Chiffon Cake will make a spook-tacular centerpiece on your dessert table. This moist vanilla cake consists of layers of Bavarian cream topped with chocolate ganache.

You don't want to miss our deliciously haunting desserts! All Halloween items will be available from now until October 31st! Happy Haunting!

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