St. Patrick's Day

March is underway, and the luck of the irish has returned. It’s our favorite green holiday - St. Patrick’s Day of course! And here at the Big Kitchen...we’ve picked up the green fever.

The savory side


Both sides of the kitchen are hard at work preparing sweet and savory takes on all things St. Paddy’s Day. On the savory side, there’s our Colcannon Soup and our traditional Cottage Pie. Our Colcannon Soup is a hearty soup made from our handmade chicken stock, fresh vegetables, corned beef and green cabbage. Colcannon will be available at all Atwater’s locations on March 16th and 17th. Our Cottage Pies are made with a traditional scottish pie press and baked in individual pie shells. Each pie is filled with tenderloin tips, fresh vegetables and topped with garlic rosemary mashed potatoes - a hearty dinner or lunch that is simply delicious.

Hitting both sides of the kitchen - sweet and savory - our handmade Irish Soda Bread and Whole Wheat Irish Soda Bread is available for purchase to enjoy at home.


The Sweet Side

Now let’s take a step to the sweet side..and trust us, once you go there..there’s no turning back. Time to enjoy our stout cupcakes, iced and sugar cookies; all handmade by our pastry team! Our stout cupcakes are made with stout beer and iced with our mocha icing - a perfect balance of chocolate with hints of stout throughout. Look for our Iced Shamrock or Bag of Sugar Cookies - each with its own St. Paddy’s Day flare! New to the menu is our take on an Irish Whiskey Cheesecake.

So whether you have a unstoppable sweet tooth or looking for a savory meal stop in for a traditional St. Paddy’s Day special.


Jake Millhausen