Pimlico cake

Pimlico Cake.jpeg

Atwater's Pimlico Cake - a taste of history. Before we take a step back in time to see where our Pimlico Cake got its name and integrity, we must first walk through the doors of the Big Kitchen.

Nestled into Baltimore, The Big Kitchen houses the chefs and bakers behind our traditional handcrafted food. Any given day you’ll find cheesecakes, muffins, pound cakes and much more. From the long list of pastries and the endless love they receive, we need a major crew to handle treat baking and decorating.


how it's made 

Now for an Atwater’s tradition - the Pimlico Cake. The ingredients are measured and mixed, then carefully poured into our cake pans. The mixture is then baked to perfection.

Out of the oven comes a perfectly moist chiffon cake. Next is our handmade bavarian cream and chocolate ganache. Layers of the yellow chiffon cake are stacked with our bavarian cream perfectly nestled in-between. Our creamy chocolate ganache is spread across the cake filling every inch. For the finishing touch - walnuts cover the sides - from top to bottom.


our tradition

Now for the step back in time. Our decadent cake was inspired by the Pimlico Hotel restaurant in Baltimore, Maryland. For decades, the restaurant welcomed, Baltimoreans, horse-racing fans and celebrities to experience fine food and exceptional service.

With the high demand and love for everything pastry, almost everyday is pastry day here at the Big Kitchen! If you’re looking for a fresh, delicious
and traditional cake, stop by Atwater’s today and try our Pimlico Cake!

Jake Millhausen