Baltimore Center Stage

Looking for a way to spend your Saturday or Sunday nights...don’t
forget weeknights too? What better way than to support a
local nonprofit while enjoying innovative, thought-provoking
classical and contemporary theater at Baltimore Center Stage! 

And now - for a limited time - you can enjoy your tickets to SOUL for
20% off! It only takes a few easy steps. Visit to
purchase tickets and enter promo code 18ATWATERS


It’s really that easy. And guess what....the good news doesn’t end
there! You can enjoy your favorite Atwater’s snacks and sandwiches
at the show - just stop by the snack counter. 

If you’re looking for a relaxing afternoon or evening, an outstanding
and intriguing performance with a delicious snack or two...visit
Baltimore Center Stage! Don’t wait - this promo code will only be
available from May 3rd through June 10th! 

Enjoy the show!

Jake Millhausen