Atwater's & The IRC

what is the irc?

The International Rescue Committee provides opportunities to refugees, victims of human trafficking, and other immigrants to thrive in cities across the nation. In addition to providing services for resettlement, health,  wellness and economic empowerment, the IRC helps refugees find first jobs and build a career that will help them support themselves and their family.


We are so proud to work with the IRC in Baltimore, MD. Atwater’s has paired with the IRC for the past two years to employee men and women at our Big Kitchen in Baltimore. We are proud to be the 2018 Employer of the Year for the IRC.  We currently have 5 members of the IRC employed at the Big Kitchen. Their jobs range from food preparation to the pastry department. Each person plays a crucial role in each department to ensure the daily production is complete at the Big Kitchen.

We are so proud that we are able to help individuals thrive in our community. The sense of security and stability enables these members to fulfill their lives through their hard work and dedication. We are able to help build a strong community - not just in Baltimore, but beyond!


The IRC provided bikes to ensure our staff would have a reliable way to commute to work! This picture was taken on June 1st for Bike to Work Day! Each IRC employee actually bikes to work every day. From left to right: Ali, Wali, Abdul, Sadiojan, Ahmad.


Jake Millhausen