Our History with the IRC Featured in The Baltimore Sun

We were delighted when Dan Rodricks from The Baltimore Sun reached out to us and asked to come to our Big Kitchen in southwest Baltimore. He came to interview Ned about our work with the IRC, the International Rescue Committee in Baltimore. The IRC provides opportunities for refugees, asylees, victims of human trafficking, survivors of torture and other immigrants to thrive and rebuild their lives in Maryland. 

A huge pillar of our mission at Atwater’s is enriching the communities we are rooted in. We started working with the IRC in April of 2016 when we had positions that needed to be filled. Being able to lend a hand to those who have dealt with so much hardship just made sense to us. In a large, bustling kitchen with many jobs to do, from baking cookies to washing dishes, our IRC employees perform many of the tasks needed to bring the highest quality food to your table. Listen to Dan's full Podcast: Putting refugees to work in Atwater's Big Kitchen to learn more about our work with the IRC as he takes a tour of our Big Kitchen!

To learn more about the IRC or what you can do to help their humanitarian mission click here.

newJake Millhausen