By CASEY ATWATER | Published: DECEMBER 2, 2015

Fruitcake season is upon us! Find the best fruitcake in Baltimore at Atwater’s. You might be thinking “best fruitcake” well that’s an oxymoron! Fruitcake is often cast out as a holiday reject, an object of scorn, a cake undeserving of love. But our fruitcake is different. Our fruitcake takes weeks to craft. Our fruitcake is the kind of thing you bring to holiday gatherings and bring straight to the host instead of casually dropping it at the buffet table. Our fruitcake is a centerpiece, nay a masterpiece.

What makes our fruitcake so exceptional you ask? Organic flour. Local butter and eggs. Candied fruit from a family-owned confectioner in Switzerland. Classic dark Jamaican rum. Baked in Baltimore.

Respect the fruitcake.

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