How to Get More Vegetables Into Your Diet

We know it can be tough to meet your recommended daily allowance of vegetables every single day. Did you know that adults should be eating no less then 3-4 servings of vegetables every day?

In general, people try to cover this at dinner time, piling plates with cooked vegetables, but we get it. It’s pretty bland having the same things over and over, every single day. But don’t worry! It doesn’t have to be that way, and it doesn’t take that much effort to sneak those vegetables into every meal. And we’re here to remind you how fun veggies can really be (without sounding like your mom)! 

Have you been wondering how to get more vegetables into your diet? Here are a few tips and tricks that may help:

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Replace Unhealthy Snacks with Vegetables

It’s inevitable that we are all going to find ourselves snacking at some point during the day. Those hours between meals stretch on forever and hunger creeps in. What do you normally snack on?

Instead of picking up potato chips or chocolate to fight off the hunger pangs, grab some crunchy baby carrots. Carrots are delicious snacks that will satisfy your hunger and cravings for that crunch you get with potato chips and if you eat a few of them it will definitely count towards one of your daily servings.

Pair those carrots with hummus, which is made of blended chickpeas. Chickpeas have a ton of health benefits. And hummus comes in so many fun flavors, like garlic, pesto and pine nut! At Atwater’s, we make our own roasted garlic hummus from scratch at the Big Kitchen. We also use a chickpea and cashew spread to add some delicious flavor and texture to our Summer Vegan Sandwich. Stay tuned for our Fall Vegan Sandwich in the coming weeks!

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Start Your Day Off Right: With Veggies in Breakfast!

Most people just skip breakfast on a busy morning. If they do get the chance to sit down for a minute, it’s usually just cereal and eggs. But there’s a whole lot more breakfast dishes that can cover your daily veggie intake too!


Let’s start our day with some vegetables. Like we said before, don’t just stockpile your veggie intake at dinner time, spread it out across the three main meals and that includes the first, and most important one.

Try and include some vegetables into what you already enjoy for breakfast. Order an omelette that’s got kale or spinach in it, like our Power Up Omelette, made with local egg whites, kale and avocado, or our Spinach Omelette, made with caramelized onion and spinach, both great options served at our Belvedere Square location.

Don’t leave out our very #InstagramWorthy avocado toast! A great way to get your vegetables in first thing, is with this special toast, topped with sliced avocado, goat cheese, and olive oil on our seven grain and flax.

As for lunch, why not try our B.A.L.T Sandwich? Our B.A.L.T. is packed to the brim with local tomatoes, right from the backyard of our Big Kitchen in Baltimore (hence the name!). It’s healthy, satisfying, and made with all fresh vegetables. But most importantly, it’s absolutely delicious.


While you’ve been doing a great job filling up on veggies all day, we can’t forget about dinner. Head to Kenilworth to try out our Black Bean veggie burger, served on our brioche bun with lime cilantro sour cream. And don’t worry, there’s a kick of spice, so just because you’re giving up beef doesn’t mean you’re giving up flavor!

Get Creative At Home!

Vegetables don’t have to be bland, and they don’t have to be just an extra thing that you’ve added to your meal as filler or that patch of green on your plate that you want to finish up so you can get to the good stuff.


Don’t let that be your relationship with vegetables. Get creative with them like you would with pasta or meat! If you’re making a dish that requires noodles, try using veggie noodles instead. You can buy them or you can actually make them yourself using a spiralizer. The most common vegetables for this are zucchini, and cucumbers, but you could use pretty much anything!

Even sweet potatoes make for great pasta. You could harvest them yourself if you wanted, and then have complete control over how fresh they are and how you prepare them. You could actually grow a lot of vegetables yourself, which might be a fun and rewarding way to increase your veggie intake. Our goal here at Atwater’s is to make local and sustainable food accessible to everyone. So if you’re nearby, stop in, and we promise to help encourage our community to remember that eating local food is better in more ways than one.

We value fresh veggies at Atwater’s, and we know how to make sure that they’re a delicious and satisfying inclusion to your diet. We promise that with our help, you’ll love finding new ways to include more of them in your diet! 

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