Let’s Get This Bread (At Atwater’s)!

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It’s hard to resist the doughy and delicious bread on the shelves at our locations or on our online store. But have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at the best bread bakery in Baltimore?

Here at Atwater’s, we’re proud of all of our outstanding employees and the good they do for our community. Our bread baker, Bailey, has been a part of the Atwater’s family for a number of years. Recently, she spent time at the San Francisco Baking Institute to learn more about the science of sourdough.

sourdough starter

The starter is a big part of what gives sourdough such a delicious and tangy flavor. The basics of a good starter lies in creating and maintaining the mixture of flour and liquid to encourage proper bacterial growth. “We use no commercial yeasts. It’s a natural process,” Bailey says.

The key, she says, is keeping our starter continuously fed. At Atwater’s, we use a 100% rye starter. And our process starts every morning at 10.

“We start with mixing. It goes from 10 am to 4 pm, basically all day,” Bailey says. For the next three hours, it’s time for the bread to ferment. Our bakers at the Big Kitchen then divide and shape the bread and let it sit for another few hours. After hours of resting, the bread finally goes into the oven.

All of our bread is hand shaped. “Hand shaping gives every loaf a personal touch. We use a traditional bamboo coil basket for shaping, and the bread is good for up to three days when unrefrigerated,” though Bailey says it’s good after being frozen as well.

Our sourdough is not the only bread we make. We use several different wheat types. For most of our bread, we use white wheat flour, but we also dabble in whole wheat and whole rye flour. Our special Small Valley Miche uses all five wheats (white, wheat, Emmer, Spelt and rye).

gluten-free bread

Have been looking for where to buy gluten free bread? Well, did you know that you can enjoy our hand shaped bread even if you are gluten-free? That’s right, we make our own gluten-free flour mix! Our gluten-free bread recipe is such a classic, we have been using it since the start. It’s seeded with millet, flax and sunflower seeds. It’s soft and spongy and is the perfect substitute for all your sandwiches, toast or soup dipping possibilities!

In our commitment to you, our gluten-free bread is made in a separate room of our bakery. The bread machine in this room is used exclusively for our gluten-free bread and we ensure that every batch meets FDA gluten-free standards. So stop Googling “gluten free bread near me” and head to the best bakery in Baltimore for all your gluten-free needs!

seeded loaf of gluten free bread

a simple recipe…endless possibilities

For more information on how to store your Atwater’s bread and ways to enjoy it, click the image above!

For more information on how to store your Atwater’s bread and ways to enjoy it, click the image above!

If you’re wondering what you can use our bread for, wonder no longer! There’s nothing it doesn’t pair well with. Of course, two slices of fresh baked bread are ideal for your sandwiches, but there are many more options! When your bread is a few days old, you can use it for croutons, stuffing, bread puddings and even French toast (we recommend our Pumpernickel Raisin for an extra burst of flavor in your french toast).

Be sure to check out a staff favorite: Jalapeño Cheddar! It’s Bailey’s favorite because “it’s delicious and special.” It’s made with roasted Jalapeño peppers, garlic and aged cheddar from the Great Cheddar Company. Our Jalapeño Cheddar is only available at select times, so make sure to pick up a loaf whenever you see it!

jalapeno cheddar bread

now available online!

Some of our bread is available on our new online store! So if you’re looking for our hand shaped bread for the weekend, you can either come into your local location or visit atwatersfood.com/shopbread.

We’ll deliver bread to you, whether it’s our 7 Grain & Flax, Small Valley Miche, Gluten-Free Bread or our Kalamata Olive. Pair them with one of our versatile homemade jams, or a soft cheese for a savory twist.


We even have handmade bread baskets for gift boxes where you can pair a loaf with jam to bundle and save. So don’t loaf around! Come pick up one of our many breads today or visit our online store for more. It’s never been easier to make Atwater’s your go-to for bread in Baltimore. We already know that we are the best bakery in Maryland, so come and see for yourself!

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