Summer Jam!

Nothing goes better with summer sun and good company than delicious food to share. Here at Atwater’s, we offer a unique selection of homemade jams with an ever-growing list of seasonal fruits. Our jams are an incredible addition to any breakfast, lunch, or afternoon snack. Each of our jams is handmade made at our Big Kitchen in Baltimore.

We keep our food local and fresh and we make no exception with our jams! Our new jams feature serviceberries, also known as Juneberries or saskatoons. Serviceberry is a fruit native to the Americas that resemble blueberries but have a reddish color. The berries have a taste similar to a mixture of blueberries and strawberries. They become ripe in June and are picked from small trees. Where are these trees you might ask? These trees can actually be found right here in Baltimore!

Atwater’s partners with Baltimore based groups to help source our products. Our serviceberries come from the Baltimore Orchards Project. Through planting and cultivating orchards, teaching and sharing their harvest, the Baltimore Orchard Project provides Charm City with fresh food and a chance to learn what orchards have to offer.

Jenny, our jam expert, has been hard at work in the Big Kitchen preparing for our new jam. To make the perfect batch, Jenny and our jam team start with a mixture of fresh fruits, then, using a traditional copper jam pot, they macerate the fruit with sugar overnight. The next day they simmer the fruit in its juice until it’s jam. Jars are carefully hand filled and sent out to locations.

Each batch of our homemade jam is unique in its own way. Be it Strawberry Serviceberry, Mixed Berry or Strawberry Rhubarb Serviceberry, Atwater’s homemade jam is a must have summer treat. 

Jake Millhausen