Summer Tomatoes Are Here!

Atwater's fresh tomatoes

We’re right in the heat of summer, and with summer comes our delicious tomato sandwiches! Whether you choose the savory BALT (Bacon, Avocado, Lettuce, Tomato) or the juicy Tomato Mozzarella, there’s no way to go wrong!

Back in our Big Kitchen Farm, we grow fresh Early Girl and Big Beef tomatoes to include in our salads and sandwiches. We spoke to our farmer, Anthony Dye, about our locally grown tomatoes.


Here at Atwater’s, we always try our best to provide you with the most delicious, fresh and local ingredients. Our Big Kitchen farm grows everything from rosemary to lettuce and tomatoes that we send out daily to our locations, so you can be sure that the tomato sandwich you sink your teeth into today is as fresh as can be.

And there is nothing quite like a fresh tomato in the summer time. Our BALT starts with crispy, sizzling, wood-smoked bacon, locally grown lettuce and juicy tomato and freshly sliced avocado. We slather on a savory garlic mayonnaise spread on our toasted Country White bread, and carefully arrange each sandwich to order, from our Big Kitchen to our locations to your plate. We can’t promise you’ll fall in love, but we’re pretty sure you will.

Atwaters BALT.jpg

Our vegetarian Tomato Mozzarella is something special. Not only do we use our local tomatoes and local lettuce, we also get our mozzarella from a very special farm. Crave Brothers is a Wisconsin-based dairy farm, with a focus on conservation and sustainable farming. They have 1500 cows grazing all year round, and they make their cheese on-site!

Tomato Mozzarella

And they haven’t stopped at carbon-neutral. Crave Brothers is actually carbon negative. They use 100% green power, and the produce more power with their bio digester than they use for the dairy/cheese plant.

The result of the tenderness and care is a deliciously fresh cheese that’s guaranteed to melt in your mouth. On our Tomato Mozzarella sandwiches in Baltimore, we use gardinaire and our garlic mayonnaise right on our hand shaped ciabatta for a sandwich that is sure to please. Come in and enjoy the taste of summer at one of our Atwater’s locations!

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