Trick or Treat Yo’Self at Atwater’s This Halloween!

Even if you haven’t found your perfect Halloween costume idea, it’s time to get spooky with your food. And it looks like Halloween was totally creeping up on us! Boo! It’s here! Halloween is the perfect time to stop into your local Atwater’s and pick up a delicious treat. Have no fear, Atwater’s is filled to the brim with wickedly delicious cookies, cakes and more. Read on… If you dare!

Halloween Latte Art in Handmade Mugs

This year, our cauldron bubbles with two new treats! Spooky Crisps have arrived, and trust us, your taste buds will be begging for more. These peanut butter and white chocolate rice crisps are decorated with candy eyeballs and perfect to share with all your friends. 

Another new spooktacular dessert that we bring you is the eerie Ghost Meringue! The meringues are decorated with chocolate chips and sprinkles that are too cute to spook. Pick these up for your Halloween party to be the ghostess with the mostest.

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We’re back to our old tricks with our old treats! That’s right, your favorites from last year’s Halloween are back. Our Sprinkle-Doodles are perfect for bringing home to share with your family or friends while watching a scary movie. They’re made with local flour, eggs, and butter and packaged in larger, sharable bags (but we won’t snitch if you decide to keep them all to yourself). 

Back in school? You are what you eat. Order our Brain Cupcakes for a treat that’s too spooky for school. Made with organic sugar and cage free eggs, these chocolate cupcakes are frightfully yummy. The Mini Cakes-- Little Monsters are to die for. Not only are they wickedly delicious, but they are also extremely cute.

If you’re looking for Halloween treats in Baltimore, Atwater’s is the place to be. Halloween party planning doesn’t have to be frightful. Let us help! Arrange the Spooky Crisps on a black plate for a pop of colour that will definitely stay in theme. Pop on a scary movie or a cute Halloween movie like The Nightmare Before Christmas and slice up the Spider Web Chiffon Cake. Candy is so last halloween. It’s all about the cake now. We’re just creeping it real. If you go with Atwater’s for your Halloween party food, you’ll kill it. Literally. 

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