handmade cheese


Since 1999 Atwater’s has been committed to making traditional, handcrafted foods. In 2017 we took that commitment one step further with our homemade cheese. We would like to welcome back previous flavors, along with new - you cheddar believe it!

Cheese making is a several month process. Lauren, our cheese maker works with Ned to create new and unique options for our customers. In 2014 Lauren began learning how to make cheese in Albany, Ohio under a brilliant woman named Michelle Gorman. Her family raised female goats and transformed their milk into remarkably distinct and delicious cheeses. The knowledge she acquired has certainly helped in getting our cheese operation running. Ned’s passion for the process and product of cheese making is what has truly allowed for his dream to become a reality. With his enthusiasm and Lauren's work experience they were able to produce completely unique cheeses here in Baltimore City, Maryland!  

As Ned Atwater says, “turning milk into cheese is like turning water into wine.” By adding just a few simple ingredients, we turn thousands of pounds of milk into hundreds of pounds of cheese each month. What’s special about our cheese is that Ned specially selected our milk to be sourced from the Ayrshire Cows at Palmyra Farm in Hagerstown, MD. This breed of cow’s milk has much smaller fat molecules than that of other breeds, making for a more nutritious, rich, and easily-digested cheese.

While our cheese pairings are seamlessly endless, Lauren recommends enjoying our Morrell Moon as a tasty horderves with crackers or bread, on a sandwich, or as a gift with a bottle of wine. Looking to enhance an omelet or pizza? Try our Feta!  

Laurens love for cheese has fueled production and creativity here at the Big Kitchen! " I love what I do here. There’s no other feeling in the world like tasting a cheese that you’ve been carefully looking after for 6 months. The patience, delicate nature, and practice involved in the art and science of cheesemaking is something that can be worked on indefinitely. This work is always challenging me to be better and to make excellent cheese."

After all, sweet dreams are made of cheese.