Hurricane Harvey has caused devastation and tragedy across Texas, its cities and for millions of residents. The people of Texas are coming together to support and aid their friends, neighbors and strangers. Across the nation, bystanders seek ways to support those in Texas. Donations large and small have helped aid in the relief of those affected. The support needed in Texas is limitless.

Atwater’s felt, without question, we needed to lend a helping hand. We chose to donate to the Texas Diaper Bank. This organization is in dire need of donations, as their services are being utilized by thousands. The Texas Diaper Bank is providing emergency diaper kits to families who are being displaced due to Hurricane Harvey. In 2016 alone, the organization distributed 1,121,422 baby items, diapers and incontinence supplies. This year is different. The need for supplies and donations is at an all time high.

The Atwater’s staff decided to bake the closest thing to Texas we know, Texas Sheet Cake. The cake is a moist fudgy chocolate cake with a chocolate glaze icing and will be available at all Atwater’s locations. All of the proceeds will be donated directly to the Texas Diaper Bank in hopes we can make a difference for those affected by Hurricane Harvey.