atwater's Bread

Rip it. Tear it. Eat it. Bread is isn’t just bread. At least not Atwater’s homemade bread! When we began in 1999 our bakery made only one kind of sourdough wheat bread. We sold this bread at farmers’ markets in the Baltimore, Virginia and DC areas. Our one loaf turned into several unique loaves and inspired our line of sandwiches, soups, salads and pastries.  

Our bread line now features different varieties of naturally leavened and yeasted breads and even a gluten free loaf! While the breads themselves have changed over the years, our mission and methods have not.

The bread crew works long hours throughout the night to ensure we bring fresh bread to our customers. From the first egg cracked to the final pull from the oven, our bread team ensures traditional and wholesome bread.  We’ve put the kneads of our bread in the hands of Bailey and her team. Each member has his own specialty and job. Bailey leads to ensure each hand rolled loaf is prepared to perfection.

Bailey plays a crucial role for Atwater’s. Our bread is the foundation of our menu. Her hard work and persistence is key to the success of Atwater’s. “I really enjoy Atwater’s traditional style of making food, like using simple, natural ingredients and shaping each bread by hand.  We work hard to ensure each loaf is fresh and made the traditional way!”

Breads are scaled and mixed daily before being shaped by hand and baked in our hearth ovens. The majority of our breads are Vegan, meaning they are dairy and egg free! Our bread is served alongside our soup and used as the foundation of our unique sandwiches. Our bread is so special to us, we even use it to prepare croutons for our soups no crumb left behind!

Throughout the year, we offer seasonal featured bread. Keep your eye out for jalapeno cheddar, cranberry pecan or irish soda bread! These breads only last for a few weeks; so when you see them, give them a try on a sandwich or take a loaf home!

Our bread is always fresh, always homemade and always Atwater’s.