handmade Jam

At Atwater’s, we keep our food local and fresh. We make no exception with our jams. Jenny, our jam expert, oversees everything jam. To make the perfect batch, Jenny and our jam team start with a mixture of fresh fruits. Using a traditional copper jam pot, they macerate the fruit with sugar overnight. The next day they simmer the fruit in its juice until it’s jam. Jars are carefully hand filled and sent out to locations.

Jenny started her journey with Atwater’s in 2014. She was trained by the original jam expert, Patty Pakley-Audia. Patty worked with owner, Ned to start the jam department. Jenny’s love for fresh ingredients and traditional methods is key to what makes our jam delicious and one of a kind. “I love that our jam and preserves are slow cooked to perfection, never hurried through their process! It makes me so happy to taste the beauty of fresh fruit through the seasons. I’m proud that we always use organic sugar in our jams. Unlike most jam and jelly makers, we extract our own pectin from green apples instead of buying a commercial pectin powder or liquid. This presents some challenges but allows us to develop the jam a dimension further!”

Our handmade jam pairs perfectly with a selection of Atwater’s bread, enhances a simple cheese and cracker platter or takes a childhood classic PB and J sandwich to the next level. As seasons change, so does our jam. Our jam department also leads in the holiday relish, pickle and apple butter making. Sharing handmade and traditional products with our community is what built Atwater’s, and we’re sticking to it.

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