The question is, why and how? Why and how do each and every one of our pastries taste so good? The answer lies here, at The Big Kitchen.

Where to start with pastries? Maybe the love, love relationship we have with anything chocolate? Or all that is homemade? On pastry days, the Big Kitchen is filled with the smell of chocolate melting and cookies baking. Each and every pastry starts here and leaves through the doors ready for you.

Our pastries stand on their own. Any given day you’ll find cheesecakes, muffins, mocha cakes, pound cake bites and much more. We even feature gluten free and vegan pastries! From the long list of pastries and the endless love they receive, we need a major crew to handle the endless hours of treat making and baking.

Jasmine, pastry queen here at the Big Kitchen, leads her team through everything pastry. Each step in the pastry department is as important as the last. Jasmine found her love of pastry through art. After years of painting, drawing and sculpting she turned to pastry. It was somewhat like an “edible art”. She saw pastries as a creation and a way to express and create anything that came to mind. Once her love for pastry started, she never looked back. “I love working at Atwater’s because we make everything fresh and wholesome. I love our style of handmade and traditional foods. I love my pastry team and am amazed with the things we create. It’s beautiful when you start with flour, eggs and sugar and you create something beautiful and delicious.”

Our pastries are prepared with fresh and often local ingredients. Every batch is measured, mixed and baked, all by hand! They then head off to packing and are sent to one of our locations in Baltimore. Some of our pastry goodies are featured in local stores and make appearances at Farmers’ Markets throughout the season. With the high demand and love for everything pastry, almost everyday is pastry day here at the Big Kitchen!

With the best ingredients, years of practice and unbelievably perfect recipes, Atwater’s pastries are one for the books, or the stomachs!

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